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Costless Imports Brass, Mirror and AB Crystal bra and belt.

Owner: Kelledia

I was studying with Rita, a belly dance instructor in Plano, Texas in the late ´80s and early´ 90s. Her husband Bud, was a costume designer and he gave me the heads up on this company. When the pieces arrived, Bud created the tailored bra to go with it.
This set has it all! Seriously, it was one of Costless´ more expensive designs. It contains mirrors, bells and aurora borealis crystals on a gold-tone brass setting. Very substantial and in the decades since purchase and many performances under its belt, it´s only lost one mirror, easily replaceable. So I guess you could say the myth of Costless being so well-made is true!
In performance it was worn at Middle Eastern cafés and wedding celebrations in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. That was an exciting and lucrative time to be a professional dancer, indeed.

Designed by: Costless Imports
Bought: 1990
Location: Dallas, TX.
Photos by: Kelledia

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Cynthia Medeiros
Wednesday 2016-09-07
How can I purchase this belt and bra cover
Tuesday 2016-09-20
Absolutely beautiful
Louise Goyette
Thursday 2022-12-08
I have the same one without the bells, beautiful costume, it´s for sale if anyone is interested (belt, bra, armband and necklace) Louise G.
cheri bender
Sunday 2022-12-18
louise i would like to know your asking price for the costless set you mentioned you have for sale.
cheri bender
Sunday 2022-12-18