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Gold bronzey Dahab

Owner: Rebecca

When I found this costume, I had been searching for the right gold bra and belt set for about a year. I wanted to be able to combine the costume with any skirt and accessories and be able to renew the look. But all the golden costumes I found were too boring, too expensive or made for some other body type.

Finally, I found this design (called "Oriental Brown") in a thread on Bhuz.com, and knew immediately that I had really been looking for a bronze costume all along! This one was made with my measurements, and came with only a brown, shimmering see-through skirt (pictured). I ordered a gold satin skirt to wear underneath.

I knew it would be a practical costume, but I never would have guessed that it would be my most worn costume. It has danced with me at outdoor festivals, birthday parties, haflas and weddings. It´s also the costume that has stayed with me the longest, without me selling it or trying to change it. I just keep reaching for it. It works with any skirt, fits like a glove and has never let me down.

Designed by: Dahab Designs
Bought: 2010
Photos by: Tommy Holmberg, Eva Brännström, Leo Sutic
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Monday 2013-05-27
In May 2012 Rebecca let me borrow the belt for a drum solo. I´m her adept and it was an honour for me to dance in this magic belt. It has really some magic power, it gives you a lot of dancing joy. And it gave me a beautiful memory.
anna altomare
Saturday 2018-04-21
confezionata pure costumi a led