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Hideous fabric became a Belly Dance Costume

Owner: Maria

The costume I had in mind before even finding the fabric was supposed to be kind of unsightly. Once in the fabric store I found what I was looking for: a both charming and hideous fabric of pink, yellow and blue flowers and – of course – glitter.

I made one of the bra cups in blue chiffon to bring out the blue colors in the flower fabric. The same chiffon fabric also covers the slit of the skirt. The other cup, as well as the upper part of the skirt, I decorated with blue rhinestones and sequins. To hide the middle part of the bra and the skirt’s opening I used two Indian wedding pendants in the same color as the rhinestones.

After trying on the first draft of the skirt I noticed it was transparent and decided that a petticoat was necessary. The remaining fabric of the petticoat became the internal lining in the bra and belt to hide the stitches.

Designed by: Self made
Bought: 2013
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Photos by: Lars Uddén, Swefoto
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