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My first professional Belly Dance Costume

Owner: Maria

After making a couple of home-made costumes, I found a post at a second hand-site. A woman in Stockholm had decided to stop dancing (?!) and to sell all her costumes, some of them designed by Aida Nour. I went to her apartment and had a really hard time deciding which one I preferred but my eyes couldnít resist a particular blue one.

The pictures Iíve found of me wearing it I believe is from 2008.

Even though the costume hasnít left the closet in the last couple of years, I canít imagine myself separated from it - it was my first professional Belly Dance Costume. Who knows - one day I might make a new skirt for it. Iíll keep you updatedÖ

NOW - it has been five years since I last wore the costume. Now Iīve got rid of the straps that crossed the belly and I made a new skirt for the costume. It had itīs re-opening night at a birthday party.

Bought: 2008
Location: Stockholm
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