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My Little Tribal Mermaid

Owner: Sierra

This is the first belly dance bra that I made myself!
I found this Little Mermaid-esque bra at Ross in high school (before I started bellydancing). All the sequins were originally on the bra, I added beads underneath & lace from an old pair of panties. Those arenīt black straps added to the bra, I just put a thick black & gold beaded necklace on my shoulders for a different look.
The coin belt is from The Love of Ganesha, on Haight St. in San Francisco.
My dance partner made the dual sided panels, one side is with butterflies & the other is blue with dragonflies.
The pants are from Indian Dance Wear.
(I have another pair in white)

& in this photo, I am dancing at an event to help raise funds for the local roller derby girls :)

Designed by:
Location: Turlock, CA
Photos by: John Ewing

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