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Peacock Costume

Owner: Pat

This started out as my daughter´s costume but because of babies and life she passed it on to me. As you can see from this first photo it wasn´t as flattering as it could have been.
I removed the black fringe and added straps to the bra top and drapes on the hip of the skirt in gold lame. In addition I made beaded appliques in a peacock eye design and added them to the center of the bra and above each skirt gore. I also add them to the hip drapes where they were attached to the skirt. I added a few peacock feathers to the center of the bra and on one side of the hip drape on the skirt. I made beaded fringes out of mixed beads in peacock colors to add some movement.
I wear this with my tummy cover with sleeves. I have worn this costume two times and everyone seems to love it. They dubbed me the Peacock Princess. I do feel beautiful in it.

Designed by: Joyce Brownlow and Me
Bought: 2012
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Photos by: Mike Paiz
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