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Owner: Pat

I started this in November of 2013. This was my husbandīs gift to me for Christmas as he was the one who financed this costume. I finished this in March 2014 in time for a student show. I continued to work on this and added more beading and add sequins and beads to my tummy cover and gautlets. I may add a few more beaded drops to it in the future. The total cost of this costume was almost $250.oo but I am sure I could not have bought anything like this anywhere. I beaded all of the fish appliques and made all of the beaded chain. I do have a piece of fabric in a contrast color that I didnīt use and lots of sequines, beads, crystals, and pearls to use on something else. My birthday is in March, with my birthstone being Aquamarine and my sign being Pisces.

Designed by: Patricia Paiz.
Bought: 2014
Location: Santa Fe New Mexico
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