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Turqoise glittery costume

Owner: Maria

I immediately fell for this turquoise costume the first time I saw it! The skirt was all glittery and the hips and bra was decorated with rhinestones and crystals. I just couldn’t imagine how well it would serve me and my dance activities.

The skirt was made for smaller hips and that’s why I extended it in a similar but darker fabric. When I was asked to perform at an event with lots of children I also made a pair of pants in the same fabric. Its wide and highly slitted skirt and the alternative of wearing pants underneath made it easy to wear it at all kind of occations, from weddings and events at the Nobel Museum to shows in shopping malls.

And - best of all - thanks to the coustme’s stretchy bra I never had to worry about “Does is still fit?”.

Bought: 2011
Sold: 2013
Location: Stockholm
Photos by: Björn Dimberg (studiophotoes)



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