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My Red Tribaret Bella - worn by Aziza

Owner: Maria

After buying three bellydance costumes and two galabeyas during a Christmas sale, I promised myself not to buy another one for at least half a year. I had three exceptions though:
1. If I was to sell one of my old costumes.
2. If I should get a nice price on a Bella costume.
3. If I happened to find a really special costume at the Eilat Festival 2012, which I was going to in just a few weeks.

During the festival one of my favourite dancers, Aziza of Montreal, had a couple of workshops. For the first workshop of the day she placed the usual CDs and DVDs that was for sale at a table. But that was not all. Along with it she had placed her dark red tribaret Bella costume: bra, belt, arm decorations and necklace.

Later the same day I got to try it on and neither I or she would have thought it would fit so well! I hardly had to change anything. When I thought about it I had fulfilled every exception that I’d made up: I had sold a costume before I went to the festival, it was a friendly price and, last but not least - What could be more special than a costume from one of your biggest idols?

When I arrived back home I made two matching skirts and even a pair of pants in chiffon and ordered a matching silk veil. Just the thought of having a costume made by a fantastic designer and worn by an amazing dancer makes me smile every day.

Designed by: Bella
Bought: 2012
Location: Stockholm
Photos by: Lars Uddén, Swefoto

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