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The best buy ever!! My limeish green Bella

Owner: Cecilia

I was in Istanbul with my boyfriend (who happened to be Turkish) and forced him to come with me to Bella´s studio. When we walked up the stairs a stray dog followed us and since we didn´t know what to do we just let him follow us. When one of the Bella designers opened the door she just let the dog in and he inspected the place before he went out again. The studio was also full of cats and most of all 100s of BLINGY COSTUMES - I was in heaven!

To be honest I had told my boyfriend that I really shouldn´t buy a green costume (I already had 4 green costumes)...But then when Bella asked if I wanted to see some of her new special designs and took out the green one I knew I just had to try it. It turned out to be a perfect fit and the moment I put it on I knew it was meant to be.

That day I also bought a black and red costume...but that is another story :)

Designed by: Bella
Bought: 2010
Location: Sweden
Photos by: Patrik Lestander - Ateljé Nord, Uppsala

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